5 Ways No Code is Revolutionising Startups

5 Ways No Code is Revolutionising Startups

Simon Jenner

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

The No Code revolution is here. This blog explores 5 ways it will change the startup world.

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When it comes to technology, big game-changing concepts just keep on coming. Before we explore No Code, let’s take a look back at some of the biggest concepts of the last few decades.
A little history
Way back in 1998, Software as a Service business models became the ‘big new thing’, eliminating the need for hefty licence costs, and promoting the adoption of exciting new tech innovations for emerging businesses.
Next came The Cloud, enabling cheaper, faster development, improved security, better opportunities to collaborate and build better quality, more competitive products and services. 
Following this came the rise of Apps, now an inherent part of our daily lives. For anything you do in your personal or work life, “there’s an app for that”. 
The increased demand for apps meant software development had to get its skates on, or it could never catch up. And so evolved Agile Development, in order to accelerate the software development process. 
The most recent game-changing methodology is, of course Lean Startups, and the concept of the “Minimum Viable Product”, speeding up startup growth across the globe. 
Now it’s the time for the No Code revolution to change the world of startups. And it’s big. 
So what exactly is it? 
No Code is exactly what it says on the tin. Software development without the need for coding. Laymen users, without prior coding knowledge, can now build fully functional apps. 
Here are 5 ways it will revolutionise your startup journey:
1. Get started NOW.
To build a traditional app, you’ve got to find a decent developer. In the world of software development, where demand substantially outweighs supply (we’re talking 1 million vacant software development jobs in the US), chances are, you’ll be in a long queue for the best people. 
With No Code, you don’t need these expensive software developers. The power is in your hands.
2. Your idea to market at light speed.
Next, even the best coders take time to code. Conventionally, you’re looking at a minimum of 6 months to get that idea buzzing around in your brain to market. By which time, there could be 100 others trying to steal your thunder. 
Produce a No Code MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and you’ll have a fully functioning app on the market that live customers can download, use, and pay for, within just six weeks
3. It’s (a lot) cheaper. 
You can wave a merry goodbye to 80-90% of the costs of traditional coded app development.  
Of course, all that time saved finding software developers and waiting for them to code equals money in your pocket. For as little as £5,000, you can have everything you need, ready to go. 
4. . It’s the ideal proof of concept
What better way to impress potential investors than by showing them a live, all-singing, all-dancing app. Is there a better possible proof of concept than your Stripe dashboard of real, paying customers?
5. It’ll be a better app
The lack of complex coding means that you can get live feedback from customers as you design your app, and tweak accordingly without any fuss. This means a better user experience, and consequently, a higher chance of success when it goes to market. 
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