5 Apps Every Startup Founder Needs

5 Apps Every Startup Founder Needs

Simon Jenner

Monday, 22 March 2021

Need to Spend Less Time Establishing Your Processes and More Time Launching Your Startup? There’s an App for that.

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As a founder, you’re constantly bouncing around between building your MVP for your startup, hopping into the next meeting, and putting out any dumpster fires. Your days can be long and exhausting. Although, with the help of a few mobile apps, you can streamline your busy schedule and focus on what you really care about: bringing your Big Idea to life.
Here are the 5 apps every startup founder needs.
1. Slack
Slack’s instant-messaging capabilities will absolutely revolutionise the way your startup team communicates. This app synchronises across desktop and mobile, meaning you can take your internal communications on-the-go without missing a beat. Not only can you share files and links with ease, but you can also integrate your Google Drive documents and call your coworkers, all within one platform.

2. Google Drive
If you are constantly creating new documents, presentations, or spreadsheets, Google Drive is a must-have for both technical and non-technical founders. Aside from streamlined file sharing among your coworkers, you can access your own files from your smartphone even when you are nowhere near your home office or desk. Collaboration has never been easier.

3. Trello
Throughout the process of validating your business idea and building your MVP for your startup, the Trello app will help you manage all of your tasks in the most productive manner. You will be able to create specific boards for different teams, assign tasks to the correct individuals, and establish your timelines to keep everyone on-track.

4. Crowdfire
You’ve probably discovered that a social media presence in the current digital landscape can make a significant impact on your startup’s brand awareness and overall success. But of course, social media content takes time to plan, post, and manage - time that you likely don’t have in excess. Crowdfire is a brilliant way to connect all of your social accounts, discover new content trends in your field, and schedule your content, all from one singular platform.

5. Expensify
Throughout the early stages of your startup’s MVP development and launching your business, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all of your payments and expenses. Expensify is the perfect solution as it tracks your credit or debit card’s activity, enables you to submit your receipts and expense reports, send bills to your vendors, and create invoices. You’ll be able to end your search for an accountant and focus on getting your startup up and running. 

In 2021, there is no shortage of business apps available. Whether you’re seeking a platform for internal communications, document collaboration, task productivity, social media management, or expense tracking, there is an app just begging to be downloaded onto your phone. These 5 apps will make your startup journey significantly easier and allow you to channel your energy towards launching a successful business.
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