OneSignal push notifications

OneSignal push notifications

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 22 December 2022

Guide on how to configure push notifications for mobile apps with OneSignal

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(Responsible for updating the document & helping out with any questions)

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Step 1: Mobile notifications setup

Additional Notes

  • OneSignal has different notification types for multiple OS types that have to be set up separately, they can both be set up in a single application however.

Step 2: BDK plugin setup

Additional Notes

  • BDK’s Notification function only works on wrapped apps on mobile devices, it will do nothing on desktop.

  • This will not break anything, as it “silently fails”. Meaning while it doesn’t work, it won’t interrupt anything else.

  • Ensure that the plugin has been paid for if not on agency plan, as “BN-” workflows will not function if the plugin isn’t paid for, and wrapped apps use live version only.

Step 3: Get player ID

Additional Notes

  • This is necessary to send notifications to native app users, as it is a unique ID of their device, without this, there is no target for the notification

Step 4: BDK notification trigger

Additional Notes

  • This can only be tested on a native device on a wrapped app, as BDK workflows will only fire within a BDK wrapped app, this can make testing notifications difficult


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